Raceboard Worlds - Video of Day 1

Video of the first day of competition of the Raceboard Worlds 2012 in the light winds.

Michael Gebhardt - Mistral IMCO freestyle

Video of US Olympic Michael Gebhardt freestyling with the Mistral Olympic board during the Athens Olympics.

Round Hayling Island Race

Video of the Classic Round Hayling Island Race held in the UK where all types of boards and SUP get mixed. Fair amount of Raceboards though. Enjoy.

Summary of the round Hayling Island windsurf and SUP race held on the 6th April 2012. Peter Hart Narrates and interviews various competitors throughout the day.

Exocet D2 Review by Tinho

Every now and then there is a new board that comes out that truly intrigues me. The D2 combines some old design wisdom and performance with new modern high performance board design.
Let's set the stage though. This board is of interest IF and I underline IF you know how to rail up a board and sail on the windward footstraps, and know how to operate a mast track and centerboard on the fly. If you raced Equipes,Fanatic Mega Cats and Ultracats, Imco One designs, Division 2 boards, and are thirsty for a new twist on that family of boards, well, check out the Exocet D2.
The sails used on this test where the Aerotech Dagger 9.5 and an older Maui Sails MS2 9.5.
First look , the board sports very thick rails, with a perfect shape that fits the curvature of the feet when sailing had upwind on the windward footstraps. This is the most comfortable rail shape I have found on any longboard I have ever sailed. The leeward footstraps stay clear off the water, so keeping drag to a minimum. The centerboard is sunk in the deck with a wide groove that allows feet to find leverage and support when working upwind or downwind.
Compared with an RSX this board is infinitely more enjoyable to sail upwind with centerboard down.
A long centerboard helps it stay on the footstraps even in light winds. The Bow pierces the waves, and the rear is a modern planing design. So the big question, with a low rocker up front, does the wave piercing bow design work? How bad will it spear the waves going downwind?

So I set to find out. Upwind, the board immediately got itself to speed, and it was pretty easy to get it set on the rail and windward footstraps. In 8 knots of wind the board sailed effortlessly upwind railed up, and in 12-13 knots it just flew over the chop, with a small centerboard angle adjustment. The ride was just smooth and oh what a joy to be perched high on the rail, flying over the chop, the board just cutting upwind like a knife. There is an angle that If set too low the board can hobyhorse some and spear the waves, but once you find the proper railing angle, it is just smooth as can be.
The tacks are much slower than on flat bottomed boards so that should add an interesting twist to upwind tactics.
Off the wind, Centerboard goes up, track back (all the way back for my size)with my weight of 72 kilos, the board promptly planes in around 9 knots without pumping. You do have to sail a slightly higher angle than I remember sailing on an equipe, but the speed of the board is just tremendous.

Planing jibe is sort of trying to coax a drunk out of a pub, but if you keep the board fairly flat and use the sail, the job gets done without much fuss.
Comparing to sailing a rounded bottom division 2 board on a plane, well, there is no comparison. The Exocet D2 is stable,easy to sail and fast!
When you feel dropping off a plane, track goes forward with centerboard up, and now comes the anxiously awaited truth.... first few seconds it took a little guessing where to be, but almost right away I fund the sunken area around the centerboard to be a huge plus, you keep your heel tucked inside the groove, and the board behaves very predictably for something as rounded up front as the D2.
Surfing the waves became a surprise as the board raced past the crests, occasionally exploding through their backs, but never slowing down. On a traditional longboard, if you hit the waves from the back, the board simply stops. Not on the D2. It feels it has its own motor. The release on the board is super clean and the board just uses the wave energy to accelerate.
For non planing jibes, I was surprised again that it was a very complying board, it should not take much learning from anyone to master the board.
So for going around a race course with varying winds, I think this board will be a deadly weapon
And once off the race, fun sailing, what a thrill!! I found myself a few miles from my staring point , just cruising away, covering large distances in a short period of of time.
The version I tried is the carbon version, and felt solid and stiff.
As with most performance boards I ever sailed/raced. The centerboard is, as usual, a little fiddly.
In 27 years that I have sailed high performance raceboards, only once or twice have I come across a centerboard system that works as it should. Every one of my boards I have had to change and customize so it would work right. And I believe most serious racers will have done the same. The Exocet D2 has some teething issues with the centerboard operation, and I hope they get solved as the board deserves a well functioning system. However, if you know how to install an adjustable outhaul system on your boom, you will be able to make your centerboard work properly. I hope you don't let this issue deter you from getting one of these boards, the ride is way too much fun.
Resuming, this is a new step in the evolution of high performance board design. The transition of a displacement front to a planing rear really works, and marries the best of two worlds. This board flies upwind in light winds, Flies upwind in planing winds, Flies on a reach planing, or non planing.
I truly believe that this is what an Olympic racing board should be, not the overpriced RSX we have now. If you follow the new 45 foot Americas Cup catamarans and watch the exciting racing going on there, the D2 would provide a racing format that is as close as you can get to that new era of racing.

Full report and picutres http://calema.com/forums/viewtopic.php?id=632

Expedition Windsurfing

Expedition windsurfing is using a specially designed vessel capable of carrying 3-4 days of supplies for multiday camping trips. It can be sailed as a windsurfer, paddled as a sit-on-top kayak or as a stand-up-paddleboard (SUP). Used for long expeditions, adventure racing, short trips along the coast, island hopping or exploring the back country inland water ways. It combines the adventures of backpacking and kayaking with the thrills of windsurfing.


"LOFT SAILS - 2012 BLADE RB 9.5 AND 8.5 - The spanish, Tarifa based, Loft Sails tells that the 2012 Blade RB is the lightest RB to date. The orange top material is 2 millimeter thick, the foot and leech material is 2 millimeter kevlar, with only 5 battens the 2012 Blade RB 9.5 weighs 5.4 kg.

Compared to our RB 2011, The Loft Blade RB 2012 is a step towards optimized light and medium wind performance; more generous body shape and firmer leech. Its upper end is comparable with the 2011 Blade RB, with the low end significantly extended. As always, trim is critical, as well the mast stiffness and flex distribution.

Regarding the Blade RB, an sdm mast is likely to add to your efficiency upwind, and general acceleration, and it may prove better in the low end.

Blade RBs include Tekcams for both RDM and SDM masts. For our Blade RB designs (specialized for long raceboards with centerboards) it is likely that SDM will offer the best competitive rig. It may be that RDM and BICO are preferable for lighter riders and upper wind conditions."


EXOCET RS D2 ELITE - New video of the modern division 2. Patrice Belbeoch, the Exocet Director, presents the new Exocet RS D2 Elite. 

Link to Exocet RS D2 Elite video in french HERE 


STARBOARD PHANTOM RACE 377 - Take your time and look carefully at the details on this board, bat wings and raised mast track.


Exocet RS 380 ELITE - "The RS 380 ELITE has become one of the reference among the raceboard class, amazing glide upwind the new ELITE is also a top performing board in windy conditions.

The new Elite comes with an updated construction that increase the board stiffness and performance. The board is custom build with wood and carbon. The high lightet features are the double density shock absorber (DDSA), carbon construction and look for stiffness, low weight for earliger planing and better acceleration."

The specifications for the Exocet RS 380 ELITE are,
Volume: 295 litres
Length: 380 cm
Max width: 65 cm
Weight: 13.5 kg (+/-6%)
Fin box: Tuttle box
Fin length: 48 to 52 cm long
Centerboard: 85 cm
Ideal sail size: 6.5 – 9.5 m2


Raceboard World Championship 2011 - 70 competitors from 15 nations representing 4 continents registered for this championship. A 8.5 m2 fleet of 18 youth/junior and women and a 9.5 m2 fleet of 48 male surfers. The Championship was blessed with plus 30 degrees celsius in what seemed to bee a light to medium wind championship.

The mens fleet´s top 3 board and sail setup was,
# 1 SVK-1, Starboard Phantom Race 380 2011, Aerolite RR 11 9.5 and Neil Pryde RS:X 9.5
# 2 ESP-9, Starboard Phantom Race 380, Aerolite RR 11 9.5 and Tushingham XR-race 8.5
# 3 ESP-66, Starboard Phantom Race 380, Aerolite RR 11 9.5 and Aerolite 9.0

The women fleet´s top 3 board and sail setup was,
# 1 GBR-607, Starboard Phantom Race 380, Demon sails 8.5 and Demon sails 6.8
# 2 ESP-11, Starboard Phantom Race 380, Tushingham XR-race 8.5 and Loft sails 7.1
# 3 ESP-543, Mistral One Design, Bic OD 7,8 and Bic OD 7.4

The youth fleet´s top 3 board and sail setup was,
# 1 ESP 1, Fanatic Mega Cat, Neil Pryde RS:X 8.5 m2 and Loft sails 8.5
# 2 FIN 5,  Starboard Phantom Race 380, Neil Pryde RS:X 8.5 and Severn Raceboard 8.5
# 3 FRA 259, Fanatic Mega Cat, Neil Pryde RS:X 8.5 and Bic OD 8.5



"The Phantom Race 377, it’s an extreme version of the Phantom 295. Let’s say that it is somewhere an impossible engineering, but after 2 years development it came true. All together the board deliver Hi-performances in light, medium and windy condition with a lot of fun.

The bat tail makes the board work better in light winds and at the same time gets the board planning almost at the same time as a Formula board.

Upwind - the bat wings that start from the mast track of the board have very low drag and work like another centerboard that increase your up wind angle in lighter winds. Combine this with the very high masttrack that will help you in lighter winds to get and keep the board on the rail.

Downwind - The board planes almost like a Formula board, and this is possible because of this bat wings increase the planning surface. The board its much easyer to get on the plane and has a very deep downwind angel. The downwind back position of mast track is very low, a bit like the iSonic, and in this position you increase the control of the board.

The specs are 377 cm in length, 67 cm in width, 49.1 cm in tail, 263 L. in volume and the weight is estimated to bee under 13 kg. To increase the control and durability the board is build in a full Biax Carbon construction."

Link to more info on the Starboard Phantom 377 HERE
Link to more photos of the Starboard Phantom 377 HERE
Link to video of the Starboard Phantom Race 377 prototype HERE


Short update - 55 entrys form 12 nations - NED, JPN, ESP, AUS, FRA, GBR, NOR, POL, POR, CZE, GER, SWE - have there eye on the upcoming world championship, and hopefully more are on the way. It seems that it will be an exciting battle, with several team riders from various brands. It will be interesting to see the latest sails and boards, line up on the start line.

Aerolite sails are on home ground, and hope that their RR 11 sail will show the way. DemonSails VG7 team sailor and English Champion 2011 Mark Kay will also be there. Team sailor Fabian Grundmann will for sure do what he can to make his 2011 Lefebvre RacePro sails shine. Black Project Fins new type RB fins will also be to find on team sailor JonWhite´s board. Remi form Starboard hope to come and show the new Phantom 295 and 377 boards.

Link to entry list HERE  Link to enter HERE  Link to event website HERE


Starboard Phantom 295  - "The board before the RS:X, Raceboard, Slalom or Formula.  2 years development has gone in to make a very competitive and fun board for the 40 to 75 kg racers.

This totally new design with the bat wings who help to reduce the drags in lighter winds but also help to get planning very quickly.

Also the mast track higher for up wind to increase leverage to get on the rail quickly and lower like iSonic to increase the control, give this board hi-performances with a lot of fun.

The package is with a Phantom 7.5 rig who come from the Severne Turbo with Blue Line mast and Alu Race boom. Other size are available like 6.5 and 8.5."

The specifications on the board are length : 294 cm, width : 72.5 cm, tail : 52.5 cm, volume : 192 l., weight : 13.5 kg.

The board should be on the market depending the distributor at the end of September.

See the first video of the Starboard Phantom 295 HERE

More photos see HERE


Update - Exocet windsurfing is coming up with a new "Division 2" inspired board in september - The Exocet RS D2 Elite -. It seems that Exocet is following up on the trend of AHD's Sailboard "Tactic" with their latest bid for an all round board.

"The goal for the 380 cm long board is to have a fun and efficient board for light wind conditions but still able to get planing and perform well.

Upwind the board gets on its rail naturally in almost no wind (the main goal) without being as extreme as older D2 boards that were "barrel" like and quite narrow. A modern board that offers fun sensations being comfortable in all directions.

The rocker is typical, an inverted 'thruster' going round and finishing on a V at the back. A flatter middle section similar to a more 'conventional' planing board for planing ability.

Getting on the plane is real quick and it is easier to get in the straps than a typical raceboard as it is wider at the back and a more natural position off the wind. In decent wind, 25 knots should be accessible for most sailors...

Board is 380 long and is lot more stable than previous D2 boards, the interesting part is that it perform really well on th reach with astonishing performance.

We have finalize the design and we will releaze trailor of the board in september. This board will be registered in the raceboard class as well says Patrice from Exocet Windsurf boards."


To upgrade your current equipment is one of the options you have if you are happy with the equipment you have now, but want to get a little more out of it.

There are different options for you when you think about optimizing your equipment. Let's say that you sail with a Neil Pryde RS: X 9.5 sail and want to get the overall weight down and want to get a little better light wind performance. Here you would be able to optimize the battens.

The swiss firm NB-Fins, has worked on adding custom made carbon battens i formula and slalom sails, and have for example for a 2008 Gaastra Vapor 8.2 m2 (8 battens and 4 cams, approx. 6.6 kg) saved 46% ( form approx. 6.6 to 3.6 kg) of the weight and 54% of the inertia on the batten kit.