"The Phantom Race 377, it’s an extreme version of the Phantom 295. Let’s say that it is somewhere an impossible engineering, but after 2 years development it came true. All together the board deliver Hi-performances in light, medium and windy condition with a lot of fun.

The bat tail makes the board work better in light winds and at the same time gets the board planning almost at the same time as a Formula board.

Upwind - the bat wings that start from the mast track of the board have very low drag and work like another centerboard that increase your up wind angle in lighter winds. Combine this with the very high masttrack that will help you in lighter winds to get and keep the board on the rail.

Downwind - The board planes almost like a Formula board, and this is possible because of this bat wings increase the planning surface. The board its much easyer to get on the plane and has a very deep downwind angel. The downwind back position of mast track is very low, a bit like the iSonic, and in this position you increase the control of the board.

The specs are 377 cm in length, 67 cm in width, 49.1 cm in tail, 263 L. in volume and the weight is estimated to bee under 13 kg. To increase the control and durability the board is build in a full Biax Carbon construction."

Link to more info on the Starboard Phantom 377 HERE
Link to more photos of the Starboard Phantom 377 HERE
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